Ristorante Albergo “Da Maurizio”

       Via Luigi Einaudi, 5  -  12050  CRAVANZANA  (CN)  -  Italy

      +39  0173  855019 

       +39  0173  855016    

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How to reach us

  Cravanzana has not a regular public transport line to the surrounding centres, so it is necessary to drive a car. If it is not possible to have a personal car, it is recommended to rent one. As alternative, there are many taxis in the area.

  • from Alba: take the SR29 (ex SS29) road to Cortemilia, then in locality Campetto go right on SP31 road to Cravanzana for about 6 km. (24 km)
  • from Asti (Milan): leave the A21 motorway at the Asti est exit, then take the A33 motorway to Cuneo and exit at Isola d’Asti, then follow the direction of Costigliole d’Asti and Santo Stefano Belbo (SS456 and SP592). Go straight on the whole Belbo valley: Cossano Belbo, Rocchetta Belbo up to Cravanzana. (40 km)
  • from Cuneo: take the SR22 road to Carrù and carry on up to Dogliani, then follow Roddino and Cerretto Langhe. Cravanzana is 7 km down from Cerretto. (70 km)
  • from Alessandria: take the orbital road to Acqui Terme and exit at the indication Nizza Monferrato. Then follow Bruno, Canelli and Santo Stefano Belbo. Go straight on to Cravanzana. (60 km)
  • from Acqui Terme: take the SS30 road up to Bistagno, then follow the direction of Cortemilia. From there carry on up to Torre Bormida and at the crossroads in locality Fontane, turn right up to Cravanzana. (40 km)
  • from Turin: leave the Tangenziale Sud bypass road and take the A6 Torino-Savona motorway and exit at Bra-Marene, then go to Cherasco and carry on up to Monforte d’Alba. Pass through Roddino and Cerretto Langhe, you will find Cravanzana after 7 km. Alternative way: leave the Tangenziale Sud at the Santena exit and follow the indication of Alba, passing through Poirino, Pralormo and Canale (then, see point 1). (95 km)
  • from Savona: leave the A6 Torino-Savona motormay at the Millesimo/Montezemolo exit, then carry on to Cengio (SP439 road) and follow the direction of Cortemilia. In Torre Bormida, at locality Fontane, go left. After about 5 km you will reach Cravanzana. (68 km)

  TO-Caselle (90 min); MI-Malpensa/Linate (2 h); GE-C.Colombo (1 h 45).

   Alba FS (25 min); Asti FS (40 min); Cengio FS (35 min).

   Cravanzana (1 min); Località Campetto (10 min).

   Località Campetto (10 min); Feisoglio (10 min).

Where we are